Topic: Digital markets

First civil antitrust suit based on data access filed in China

A data mining company has accused Chinese social media platform Weibo of trying to push it out of business by refusing to grant it access to troves of data, in the country’s first-ever civil case alleging that such a refusal violates antitrust law.

12 November 2021

Google Shopping win “vindicates” EU’s digital focus, lawyers say

By upholding the European Commission’s Google Shopping ruling, the EU General Court has provided a huge “boost” for the enforcer’s pursuit of anticompetitive practices in digital markets, local antitrust lawyers have said.

10 November 2021

EU enforcer handed resounding win in Google Shopping appeal

The EU General Court has upheld the European Commission’s landmark Google Shopping decision, confirming that the technology company unlawfully self-preferenced its own comparison shopping service in its search results.

10 November 2021

Judge rejects Apple’s arguments for a stay in Epic case

A federal California judge has denied Apple’s request to stay a ruling that prohibits the iPhone-maker from enforcing its anti-steering rules.

10 November 2021

European Commission should be sole enforcer of DMA, EU Council says

The European Council has recommended that the European Commission be the “sole authority” responsible for enforcing the Digital Markets Act, despite multiple recent calls from national antitrust agencies to take part in policing the new rules.

09 November 2021

Italy drops Google ad probe amid parallel EU investigation

Italy’s antitrust watchdog has dropped its online advertising probe into Google because the European Commission is investigating the same conduct, sparking mixed reactions from local lawyers over clashing enforcement activities at the national and EU level.

03 November 2021

Amazon seeks dismissal of DC’s antitrust suit

The attorney general of Washington, DC, has failed to plead a legitimate antitrust claim against Amazon because the pricing policies the district challenges encourage sellers to offer lower prices, the company has argued.

01 November 2021

Australian judge denies Facebook’s request to alter injunction

Facebook’s lawyers have failed to demonstrate that an injunction preventing it from terminating or suspending access to its platforms to a third-party service provider should be altered, an Australian judge has held.

29 October 2021

Senate Judiciary Committee pushes Kanter closer to DOJ

The Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced the nomination of Jonathan Kanter to lead the Department of Justice’s antitrust division.

29 October 2021

ACCC looks to tackle Google’s search dominance with choice screens

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recommended introducing a mandatory choice screen to provide consumers with a selection of search engines to address Google’s dominance in the market.

28 October 2021

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