Topic: Digital markets

Judge Mehta: Google must produce employee performance reviews for DOJ

Google will be required to share with the Department of Justice personnel performance reviews, records the government claims may capture a candid picture of the company’s desire for market dominance.

30 June 2021

WATCH: GCR Connect: Germany

GCR Connect: Germany took place on 20 May. A full recording is now available to watch.

30 June 2021

Judge dismisses Facebook complaints brought by FTC and states

A federal judge has dismissed a pair of lawsuits brought by the Federal Trade Commission and various state enforcers accusing Facebook of illegally monopolising the market for personal social networks.

29 June 2021

Google faces probe in India over alleged smart TV dominance

The Competition Commission of India has ordered a full investigation into Google after making a preliminary finding that the company abused its dominance in the market for smart television operating systems.

23 June 2021

European enforcers call for DMA enforcement coordination

The heads of Europe's national antitrust authorities have said they should jointly enforce the Digital Markets Act with the European Commission, as it would be challenging for the EU enforcer to sufficiently apply the new rules on its own.

23 June 2021

Tech companies push back on UK enforcer’s algorithm concerns

Facebook and Google have cautioned the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority against interfering in companies’ algorithms before it fully understands how they work, while consumer groups have called for the enforcer to further explore the effects of these systems on competition.

23 June 2021

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