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Court denies DOJ’s bid to block acquitted FX trader from using certain evidence

A New York federal judge has denied the Department of Justice’s request to block former Citigroup trader Rohan Ramchandani from using admitted trial exhibits in civil proceedings before another government agency.

11 January 2021

DOJ brings first criminal no-poach case

A federal grand jury has returned a two-count indictment against a surgical outpatient services company, marking the first time the Department of Justice has challenged an alleged agreement between two rivals not to solicit each other’s employees as a criminal violation of US antitrust law.

08 January 2021

Biden taps judge with notable antitrust experience to lead DOJ

President-elect Joe Biden will nominate Judge Merrick Garland – an experienced antitrust practitioner, scholar and jurist – as the next US Attorney General.

07 January 2021

Cement company receives deferred prosecution deal for DOJ cooperation

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division has agreed to defer prosecution of Argos USA after the company admitted to its role in a conspiracy to fix prices for ready-mix concrete.

05 January 2021

Google lawsuits pile up as 38 state AGs add to DOJ’s claims

A bipartisan group of US states and territories have alleged that Google illegally sought to maintain a monopoly over general search services, expanding upon a similar lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice in October.

18 December 2020

Antitrust progressives to keep close watch on Biden administration

Progressive antitrust advocates feel that the political momentum is on their side as power changes hands in Washington, DC, but they are stressing the importance of keeping the pressure on the Biden administration to be “trustbusters”.

16 December 2020

DOJ conditionally approves New England insurance merger

Harvard Pilgrim Health and Tufts Health must divest an overlapping insurance plan to complete their merger, the Department of Justice and the State of New Hampshire have said.

15 December 2020

DOJ brings first-ever criminal wage-fixing charge

The Department of Justice has charged a former owner of a Texas therapist staffing company with conspiring to lower wages paid to contractors.

11 December 2020

Ex-FTC officials anticipate more focus on acquisitions of nascent competitors

Former Federal Trade Commission officials have said they expect the US antitrust agencies to focus more on deals involving the acquisition of a nascent competitor, particularly in the technology sector.

11 December 2020

DOJ calls for Ninth Circuit to vacate ruling in favour of California dental board

The Department of Justice has urged an appellate court to vacate and remand a lower court's ruling saying that SmileDirectClub has not adequately alleged that members of the Dental Board of California illegally conspired to hurt the company’s business.

04 December 2020

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