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EU will not aggressively challenge information exchanges in dual distribution scenarios, official says

Information exchanges between a supplier and its downstream competitors are still assumed to create efficiencies, despite the recent removal of certain safeguards for such behaviour in the EU’s Vertical Block Exemption Regulation, a European Commission official has said.

01 November 2022

EU needs more cross-border consolidation, senior lawmaker says

The European Commission has been “a little bit naive” by focusing on competition within the bloc’s single market without considering what is happening “in the rest of the world”, the chair of the EU Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs has said.

28 October 2022

Vestager: “We are recalibrating globalisation”

Competition policy must not lose sight of long-term financial and environmental security when responding to the current energy crisis, officials including the EU’s competition commissioner have warned.

27 October 2022

Tirole: EU emissions case was “right outcome, wrong process”

Independent agencies – including antitrust enforcers – should be wary of broadening their mandates in a bid to correct government failures, Nobel prize-winning economist Jean Tirole has said.

27 October 2022

Pan-African enforcement regime on the horizon, South African minister says

There is “considerable scope” under a new African free trade agreement for a continent-wide “competition protocol” that facilitates more than just “friendly cooperation” between enforcers, South Africa’s trade and competition minister has said.

26 October 2022

SEC wary of index fund concentration

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is planning competition-focused rulemaking to ensure that rising concentration in financial markets is not harming consumers, the agency’s head has revealed.

26 October 2022

Guersent: EU working to estimate the cost of non-competition

The European Commission is currently “running an extensive project” to quantify the cost to society of failed competition, the director general of its competition arm has revealed.

25 October 2022

Khan: Congress requires unfairness and discrimination enforcement

Antitrust enforcers should not feel empowered to ignore laws they disagree with, the head of the Federal Trade Commission has said.

24 October 2022

EU “ready to take risks” to defend merger decisions in court, official says

The EU is prepared to take risks by relying on new forms of evidence to defend novel merger decisions before the bloc’s courts, an official at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition has said.

19 October 2022

Merger control causing “tremendous unpredictability” for businesses, Illumina lawyer says

Increased antitrust enforcement alongside a lack of clarity in merger control has made deal-making and planning a “very real concern” for businesses, an in-house antitrust lawyer at Illumina has said.

19 October 2022

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