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DG Comp official evaluates reform proposals

While the consensus among competition lawyers and economists is that enforcers cannot wait on intervening in fast-moving markets, some changes in enforcement may be difficult to achieve, an official at the European Commission’s directorate-general for competition has said.

09 September 2019

FAS official calls big data a “new oil”

A senior official at Russia’s antitrust watchdog has likened “big data” to oil and suggested that all market participants should have equal access to it.

09 July 2019

DG Comp official previews vertical block exemption concerns

E-commerce has changed the game for businesses’ vertical relationships, and the current vertical block exemption regulation does not fit those more complex relationships, Thomas Kramler has said.

03 July 2019

Informal complaints keep cartel cases coming, says Belgian antitrust head

The president of Belgium’s Competition Authority has said that while the number of leniency applications his agency receives has gone down, the number of cartel cases that it opens has not.

02 July 2019

Interim measures help to keep antitrust relevant, says DG Comp official

The timing of an intervention such as the interim remedies proposed for Broadcom can make enforcement more effective, a senior official at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition has said.

01 July 2019

Snoep: Enforcers should look further into future for merger control

Competition authorities’ merger analysis should include longer-term developments such as innovation and potential market entrants, the head of the Netherlands’ antitrust enforcer has said.

01 July 2019

Ofcom chief economist warns on digital markets unit

The chief economist at the UK’s telecommunications regulator has raised concerns about a national digital markets unit.

26 June 2019

DG Comp official acknowledges burdensome merger control requirements

The European Commission is aware of the “heavy burden” it places on companies to provide internal documents during a merger review, an official at the competition enforcer has said while pointing to how this can help to clear deals.

20 June 2019

Courts must embrace innovative enforcement of digital economy, Mundt says

Competition authorities cannot be innovative in tackling the digital economy if national courts fail to distinguish the sector from other industries, Andreas Mundt has said.

19 June 2019

Coscelli: UK antitrust regime favours large companies

UK competition enforcement gives greater opportunities for large companies to challenge enforcement decisions and defend their interests, in contrast to small businesses and consumers, the head of the UK’s antitrust enforcer has said.

18 June 2019

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