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EU and US enforcers look beyond market share to find dominance

The head of the US Federal Trade Commission and a senior official at the European Commission have said their agencies can find a company has market power even if it does not have most of the market.

13 September 2019

France may apply excessive pricing law to non-price conditions

The head of France’s Competition Authority has suggested that European law prohibiting excessive prices could be used to enforce against exploitative terms and conditions by digital platforms.

12 September 2019

US DOJ: comity has some caveats

Commitment to upholding international standards for antitrust enforcement is an important consideration, but not an absolute legal obligation, the head of the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

12 September 2019

Multihoming could help tackle platform dominance, says DG Comp head

Cecilio Madero Villarejo has suggested that ensuring users and suppliers can readily use more than one platform at a time might be preferable to breaking up dominant companies.

11 September 2019

Coscelli: Effects of big tech buying nascent rivals larger than expected

It is clear in hindsight that certain nascent competitor acquisitions in the digital sector were not sufficiently challenged by competition enforcers, the chair of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said.

11 September 2019

FCO officials defend tech decisions

The president of Germany’s Federal Cartel Office and the head of the agency’s policy division have backed its Facebook and decisions despite court rulings against them.

10 September 2019

Mundt: antitrust should not deviate from consumer welfare

Despite some industries undergoing big changes to their business platforms in the digital era, the main objective of competition enforcement should remain the same – protecting consumer welfare, said the head of Germany’s antitrust watchdog.

10 September 2019

Big tech monopolies can help break other monopolies, says Mexican enforcer

The head of Mexico’s competition authority has said that while antitrust enforcers need to prevent technology companies from getting too big, their monopolies can be a useful tool to help curb the power of other monopolies.

10 September 2019

DG Comp official evaluates reform proposals

While the consensus among competition lawyers and economists is that enforcers cannot wait on intervening in fast-moving markets, some changes in enforcement may be difficult to achieve, an official at the European Commission’s directorate-general for competition has said.

09 September 2019

FAS official calls big data a “new oil”

A senior official at Russia’s antitrust watchdog has likened “big data” to oil and suggested that all market participants should have equal access to it.

09 July 2019

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