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Dutch supermarket consolidation harmed non-price competition, economist says

Paolo Buccirossi, founder of the Lear consultancy in Rome, said divestiture remedies attached to a 2012 supermarket tie-up in the Netherlands were “not completely effective”, as the merger negatively affected the variety of products available to consumers. Sonya Lalli in Amsterdam

16 November 2016

DG Comp didn’t have to adhere to guidance in its Intel analysis, Madero says

Despite the European Commission having appeared to endorse the as-efficient competitor test in a guidance paper, the agency’s deputy director-general for antitrust yesterday said the test was not required and questioned whether it was even appropriate. Pallavi Guniganti in New York

08 November 2016

DG Comp antitrust deputy defends 2004 modernisation

Handing off more cases to EU member states’ competition authorities and allowing the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition to focus on the most serious infringements has worked well, Cecilio Madero Villarejo insisted today.

07 November 2016

DoJ has changed stance on compliance, says official

19 October 2016

Local lawyers highlight quirks of China probes

18 October 2016

Unpacking the FTAIA at GCR Live

01 August 2016

ECJ failure to clarify by-object analysis is “really frustrating”, says Whish

13 July 2016

DG Comp state aid chief dispels “myths” about tax rulings

13 July 2016

Huawei SEP ruling “essentially undemocratic”, UK barrister says

12 July 2016

DG Comp economist defends US FTC thinking on Staples/Office Depot

11 July 2016

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