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Brexit may raise CMA’s merger workload by 50%, Coscelli says

The acting head of the UK’s competition authority says the loss of a “one-stop shop” for deals will increase the agency’s merger reviews by up to 50%, but is optimistic that relationships with other antitrust enforcers around the world will continue to develop even after the UK leaves the European Union. Alex Wilts at GCR Live in Miami

06 February 2017

Governments hear many e-commerce complaints, says CMA chief

The UK Competition and Markets Authority is not the only place companies go to protest how commerce is changing, the enforcer’s acting chief executive said today.

03 February 2017

DOJ takes more care with leniency markers, says acting antitrust head

Brent Snyder, the acting head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, said today that the agency has learned from recent criminal enforcement that it needs to slow its process for determining the breadth of leniency to grant an applicant. Pallavi Guniganti at GCR Live Miami

03 February 2017

Feinstein: “I fear the day” US FTC is asked to consider jobs

The director of the US Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition said today that the agency is not equipped to factor employment into merger analysis.

03 February 2017

Agencies may lack tools to fight anticompetitive algorithms, says CMA chair

Competition and Markets Authority chair Lord David Currie suggested today that antitrust enforcers might not have the tools required to investigate whether and how the growing number of online algorithms might affect competition.

03 February 2017

Ohlhausen: FTC will continue to address state-imposed competition restrictions

During one of her first addresses as acting head of the Federal Trade Commission, Maureen Ohlhausen emphasised that one of her policy goals is to continue working with states to reduce barriers to competition. Alex Wilts at GCR Live in Miami

03 February 2017

DG Comp state aid chief says uncertainty is the price of state aid

Companies may have to face some uncertainty as the price of special tax treatment that “from a state aid point of view had gotten out of control”, the head of state aid at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition said yesterday.

02 February 2017

US and EU converge on mergers but not unilateral conduct, enforcers say

Senior officials at the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division and the European Commission’s competition authority said yesterday that there is no substantive gap in how they review deals, but acknowledged that they enforce differently against abusive conduct.

27 January 2017

DG Comp has no ambitions to be tax police, says state aid head

European Commission state aid head Gert Jan Koopman today rejected criticism that the body is turning itself into a tax enforcer, and insisted that ongoing enforcement against beneficiaries of tax rulings will continue to focus on “outlier” situations where “patently you are looking at something that is off the radar screen”. Tom Webb at GCR Live State Aid in Brussels

30 November 2016

OECD expert: competition reduces corruption

A senior competition law expert at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said that antitrust authorities’ work benefits their countries politically as well as economically – but warned against the effects of excessive transparency.

21 November 2016

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