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Agency officials urge academics to increase research into enforcement outcomes

Senior officials at competition authorities in Spain and France have called on academics to conduct more enforcement impact assessments, while a commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority called for more studies into antitrust issues in labour markets.

23 September 2022

CAT member acknowledges tribunal’s “heavy responsibility” at certification stage

A judge at the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said he was surprised by senior courts’ “strong support” for the country’s relatively new class action regime and their “relatively expansionist idea of how it should operate”.

23 September 2022

Bedoya: Robinson-Patman is here to stay

The Federal Trade Commission should look to fairness, not efficiency, to better protect small businesses and consumers with antitrust enforcement, the agency’s newest commissioner has said.

23 September 2022

ECN+ has brought influx of leniency applications in Italy, official says

Italy’s Competition Authority has witnessed a surge in leniency applications following the transposition of the ECN+ directive, which is likely due to the introduction of criminal immunity, a commissioner at the agency has said.

22 September 2022

US lawyers say agency staff struggling to adapt to new enforcement regime

Staff at the US antitrust agencies are still finding it difficult to carry out the Biden Administration's new antitrust agenda, several antitrust lawyers have said.

22 September 2022

Economic efficiencies should play minor role in antitrust enforcement, academic says

An antitrust academic has claimed that enforcers' heightened reliance on economic analysis undermines the purpose of competition enforcement, but his remarks received pushback from a fellow scholar.

21 September 2022

Khan promises reactivation of Section 5

The Federal Trade Commission is ready to issue a new statement defining what conduct qualifies as an unfair method of competition, agency chair Lina Khan has said.

20 September 2022

Kanter urges holistic approach to tackle tech platforms

US antitrust enforcers must focus on ways to “unplug the monopolisation machine” across the digital sector rather than singling out individual forms of conduct in a single market, the head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

20 September 2022

CADE president criticises regulatory landscape

High market shares and increased market concentration do not necessarily lead to less competition or episodes of abusive conduct, the president of Brazil’s competition authority has said while cautioning against unnecessary sector regulation.

16 September 2022

Canadian chief economist rebukes court-imposed merger standard

Courts have been incredibly naïve in their expectations of what economists can show when challenging a merger, the chief economist at Canada's Competition Bureau has said.

15 September 2022

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