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FTC probing new enforcement theories with healthcare mergers study

The Federal Trade Commission is searching for competitive harm beyond its traditional enforcement strategy in an ongoing study of healthcare facility consolidation, an official at the agency has said.

25 March 2021

Enforcers headline GCR’s Germany conference

Cani Fernández, the president of Spain’s National Commission for Markets and Competition, will give the keynote address at GCR Connect: Germany in May, while officials from Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will also speak at the event.

23 March 2021

CMA chief economist: DMA will capture more platforms than UK proposals

The UK’s proposed digital regulation will capture fewer online platforms than the EU’s Digital Markets Act, the chief economist of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said.

22 March 2021

WATCH: GCR Interactive: Cartels

GCR Interactive: Cartels took place on 25 and 26 February. A full recording is now available to watch.

22 March 2021

Wilson: reformers should recognise decades of narrowing market definitions

Advocates that want lower market share thresholds in merger reviews so it's easier for enforcers to block deals should recognise the US antitrust agencies have been narrowing the markets they define for decades, Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson has said.

08 March 2021

EU will soon legislate against anticompetitive foreign subsidies, Vestager says

The European Commission hopes to put out draft legislation aimed at tackling distortive foreign subsidies in the next three or four months, the EU’s competition commissioner has said.

04 March 2021

DMA is not the end of antitrust enforcement, Guersent says

The director-general of the European Commission’s competition authority has stressed that the agency will not be giving up on traditional antitrust enforcement in the digital economy following the introduction of the Digital Markets Act.

02 March 2021

Powers: Recent deferred prosecution agreements not part of a trend

The recent uptick in deferred prosecution agreements with defendants accused of committing antitrust crimes is based on the application of existing policies, not a broader trend, the acting head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

01 March 2021

Still time to book your place at GCR’s virtual TMT event

Tickets are still available for GCR Interactive: Telecoms, Media & Technology next week, which features a keynote address from the director general of the EU’s antitrust enforcer and a roundtable discussion with competition officials from the EU, UK and Italy.

26 February 2021

Companies appear less deterred by merger enforcement, CMA official says

The senior director of mergers at the UK’s antitrust authority has said companies appear to have a larger appetite for deals that raise competition concerns, while pushing back against claims that the agency has actively toughened up its approach to merger control.

24 February 2021

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