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French agency concerned about national courts lowering fines, senior official says

A senior official at France’s Competition Authority has said that recent court decisions lowering the agency’s fines could “weaken the dissuasive effect of penalties”.

29 September 2023

Gender considerations will lead to better competition enforcement, say experts

Competition authorities must adopt a “gender lens” in their work to consider the diversity of leadership boards and incorporate gender into merger and cartel analysis, a group of competition experts have said.

29 September 2023

Whish: Abuse of dominance rules no longer work in digital markets

King’s College London emeritus professor Richard Whish has said he’s “lost confidence” in the ability of EU abuse of dominance rules to effectively police the online economy.

28 September 2023

New market inquiry powers will be used sparingly, German official says

Germany’s Federal Cartel Office will seldom use new powers to impose structural remedies as part of sector inquiries, a government official has said.

28 September 2023

Dawn raids are taking longer because of cloud storage, EU official says

The rapid growth and use of cloud storage technology means dawn raids are now “far more complex”, making cooperation during a probe even more important, the European Commission’s cartel head has said.

28 September 2023

Supreme Court criteria for certifying collective claims being ignored, says UK barrister

Lower courts have “moved away” from the criteria established by the UK Supreme Court in Merricks v Mastercard when certifying class action claims, counsel to the credit card company has said.

25 September 2023

UK class claimants should not expect methodology reprieves, CAT chair says

Class representatives should not routinely get a second chance to amend their methodologies for calculating loss if their claims are not certified, a chair at the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said.

22 September 2023

Coscelli: antitrust enforcement is not delivering

Antitrust enforcement is not working and merger control may be trending in the wrong direction as cases grow longer and more complex, the former chief executive of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has warned.

18 September 2023

Guersent: Digital Markets Act won’t curb antitrust enforcement

The Digital Markets Act won’t slow the European Commission from opening new antitrust cases in the tech sector, Olivier Guersent has said.

15 September 2023

EU adopting “rigorous approach” to airline remedies, Guersent says

Airlines hoping to see their mergers cleared by the European Commission will likely need to do more than simply propose remedies that lower barriers to entry, Olivier Guersent has indicated.

15 September 2023

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