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Merger control causing “tremendous unpredictability” for businesses, Illumina lawyer says

Increased antitrust enforcement alongside a lack of clarity in merger control has made deal-making and planning a “very real concern” for businesses, an in-house antitrust lawyer at Illumina has said.

19 October 2022

Recent precedent remains an obstacle for aggressive cases, ex-enforcers say

The US antitrust agencies are still constrained by courtroom realities as they pursue more aggressive enforcement, two competition experts have warned.

17 October 2022

Wright: Protecting “fairness” will harm consumers and agency record

The US antitrust agencies risk abandoning their duty to consumers by embracing “antitrust populism” focused on notions of fairness, several antitrust experts have said.

07 October 2022

Cut CMA some “slack” following market definition criticism, says CAT president

The president of the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said the country’s antitrust authority should be cut some “slack” following criticism of errors in its market definition that led to the specialist court overturning its fine against a major price comparison site.

06 October 2022

Class actions brought on behalf of businesses face “rocky road”, barrister warns

A significant difference in how the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has treated class action claims brought on behalf of consumers and businesses means the latter likely face a “rocky road” in future, a leading competition barrister has said.

06 October 2022

Enforcers in developing countries monitoring EU efforts to regulate Big Tech

Competition officials in South Africa and India have said both agencies are keeping a close eye on the implementation of EU’s Digital Markets Act but it is too early to say if the countries could enact similar regulation.

23 September 2022

Agency officials urge academics to increase research into enforcement outcomes

Senior officials at competition authorities in Spain and France have called on academics to conduct more enforcement impact assessments, while a commissioner at the Italian Competition Authority called for more studies into antitrust issues in labour markets.

23 September 2022

CAT member acknowledges tribunal’s “heavy responsibility” at certification stage

A judge at the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has said he was surprised by senior courts’ “strong support” for the country’s relatively new class action regime and their “relatively expansionist idea of how it should operate”.

23 September 2022

Bedoya: Robinson-Patman is here to stay

The Federal Trade Commission should look to fairness, not efficiency, to better protect small businesses and consumers with antitrust enforcement, the agency’s newest commissioner has said.

23 September 2022

ECN+ has brought influx of leniency applications in Italy, official says

Italy’s Competition Authority has witnessed a surge in leniency applications following the transposition of the ECN+ directive, which is likely due to the introduction of criminal immunity, a commissioner at the agency has said.

22 September 2022

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