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DOJ criminal antitrust chief to headline GCR Live: Cartels

The US Department of Justice’s head of criminal antitrust enforcement is set to keynote GCR Live: Cartels in June, while panels will span hot-button issues including criminal monopolisation, no-poach trials and cost-effect antitrust compliance.

21 April 2023

DMU head outlines competition risks of privacy-enhancing technologies

The head of the UK’s Digital Markets Unit has warned that “privacy-enhancing technologies” could be used to entrench market power, limit data access and hide anticompetitive collusion.

19 April 2023

Experts warn of antitrust risks from generative AI

There is a significant risk that gatekeepers could emerge in the generative artificial intelligence industry unless antitrust enforcers act now, several competition law experts have said.

18 April 2023

UK plans hefty cohort to enforce incoming digital rules

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is expecting to deploy at least 200 staff on the country’s highly-anticipated digital markets regime, which should go before lawmakers in “the next week or two”, an agency official has said.

17 April 2023

General Court applied "ridiculous" AEC standard in Intel, Régibeau says

The as-efficient competitor test should be treated as a benchmark rather than a definitive test because rivals that may not be “as efficient” as a dominant company can still sufficiently compete in a market, the European Commission’s chief competition economist has said.

17 April 2023

Mundt attempts to quell concerns from proposed German amendments

Andreas Mundt has said proposals to give his agency new sector inquiry powers to impose remedies on companies without establishing an infringement include several safeguards and will not amount to a quick fix.

17 April 2023

EU adopts DMA procedural rules

The European Commission has finally published a playbook spelling out how it will practically enforce its new rules for digital gatekeepers.

17 April 2023

Bedoya endorses unionisation for independent contractors

Congress never intended for the Sherman Act to apply to workers seeking to organise, Federal Trade Commission member Alvaro Bedoya has said.

11 April 2023

Cooley: more states considering merger notification regimes

A growing number of states are drafting statutes requiring pre-merger notification, the chair of the antitrust task force for the National Association of Attorneys General has said.

03 April 2023

Kanter: DOJ doing more with fewer staff

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division is taking on increasingly complex issues with 220 fewer employees than it had in the 1970s, assistant attorney general Jonathan Kanter has said.

03 April 2023

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