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Lack of due process puts FTC at risk, warns former official

Debbie Feinstein, the former director of the Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition, has said she “fears for the future” of the agency if the Senate starts to focus on its trend of restricting due process during merger investigations.

07 April 2022

Ukraine crisis and inflationary pressure will demand “rethink” among enforcers, Mundt says

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a “game-changer” for competition authorities that will put pressure on enforcers to rethink how they respond to rising prices, Andreas Mundt, president of Germany’s Federal Cartel Office has said.

06 April 2022

EU confirms first home raid in recent memory

A senior official at the European Commission has confirmed the agency raided the home of a company employee implicated in a cartel investigation “for the first time in many years”, while warning that it intends to use such powers more often.

06 April 2022

EU is reviewing leniency policy amidst drop in first-in applications, enforcer says

The European Commission is “throwing around” the idea of giving first-in leniency applicants immunity from follow-on damages claims – but this poses moral, legal and practical issues, the deputy head of the enforcer’s cartel unit has said.

05 April 2022

DMA will be a “challenge” for EU courts, General Court president admits

The president of the EU General Court has said his “main concern” about the Digital Markets Act is how the EU courts are going to “deliver fast enough” on the amount of litigation that is likely to arise.

31 March 2022

EU to evaluate modernisation regulation

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has announced that her agency will launch a review “in the coming months” into “the central plank” of the bloc’s antitrust enforcement framework, which empowers national competition authorities to enforce regional rules.

31 March 2022

UK class action defendants likely to challenge certification after it’s awarded, litigator warns

The certification of a class action is an “ongoing process” that can be revoked “at any time” after the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal has formally certified a collective claim, a UK competition lawyer has said.

25 March 2022

UK class representatives warn of “inordinate delays” to justice

The delays to collective actions in the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal can be “a matter of life and death”, one of the class representatives bringing those cases has said.

25 March 2022

Enforcers are “unwilling” to tackle exploitative abuses, UK class rep says

The competition law academic spearheading the UK’s £2.3 billion proposed class action against Meta has criticised antitrust agencies for not pursuing exploitative abuses because they think they are “too difficult”.

18 March 2022

WATCH: GCR Connect: Sustainability & Cooperation

GCR Connect: Sustainability & Cooperation took place on 23 February. A full recording is now available to watch.

16 March 2022

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