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Chinese scrutiny of Big Tech is over, academic says

China’s crackdown on large technology platforms is likely to ease off for the remainder of the year due to government concerns that aggressive enforcement could harm the economy, a leading antitrust academic has said.

13 June 2022

Powers: no need for more Section 2 guidance

A top antitrust official at the Department of Justice has rejected calls for the agency to provide additional guidance as it looks to prosecute its first criminal monopolisation case in over four decades.

08 June 2022

National enforcers push back on Guersent’s proposal to pool antitrust and DMA evidence

The heads of the Swedish and Lithuanian competition authorities have questioned whether national enforcers have the incentive and legal ability to assist the European Commission in its enforcement of the Digital Markets Act.

07 June 2022

EU’s powers may need “boost” to match ECN+, official says

The European Commission’s review of the EU’s modernisation regulation could reveal a need to strengthen the enforcer's powers to match those of national competition authorities under the ECN+ directive, a senior commission official has said.

06 June 2022

Guersent hints that EU may look into labour markets

The director-general of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition has said his agency can learn from the experience of the US antitrust enforcers in using competition policy to tackle no-poach agreements in labour markets.

06 June 2022

German courts would benefit from economic expertise, judge says

Courts in Germany would be more efficient if they had trained economists as judges, plus increased resources and better case management tools, a leading local judge has said.

26 May 2022

Economic analysis “not possible” without counterfactuals, Régibeau says

It is becoming harder to conduct counterfactual analyses in certain cases, but that doesn’t mean competition authorities should stop considering them as part of their investigations, the European Commission’s chief competition economist has said.

25 May 2022

WATCH: GCR Live: Telecoms, Media & Technology

GCR Live: Telecoms, Media & Technology took place on 15 March. A full recording is now available to watch.

21 May 2022

Phillips: Early termination suspension likely to continue

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips has said the US antitrust agencies’ suspension of early terminations is likely to continue throughout the remainder of the Biden Administration.

19 May 2022

Ukraine will win war and build back through competition, authority head says

Russia is bombing Ukraine’s infrastructure to reduce competition, but the latter will defeat the invasion and define “new economic realities” through competition policy, the head of the country’s Antimonopoly Committee has said.

06 May 2022

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