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Last tickets remaining for GCR merger control conference in Brussels

Tickets are still available for GCR Live: Merger Control in Brussels on Thursday, which features enforcers past and present from the United States and Europe.

04 October 2021

Vestager calls for greater cooperation with US enforcers

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has called for enhanced cooperation between the European Commission and the US antitrust agencies, particularly as the two jurisdictions tackle similar emerging problems in the digital and pharmaceutical sectors.

01 October 2021

Digital regulation will foster innovation instead of constraining it, European enforcers say

The heads of the EU, UK and German competition agencies have rejected suggestions that digital regulation is a “straitjacket” to innovation, arguing that a lack of competition is the true obstacle to new products and services.

01 October 2021

Wu: US antitrust policy too reliant on law enforcement

Competition policy in the US stands out for its reluctance to embrace rules and regulations as a complement to litigation, a White House adviser has said.

01 October 2021

CMA likely to intervene in private competition claims, says official

The director of litigation at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said the enforcer is likely to increasingly intervene in private antitrust claims before the national courts as an interested third party despite never using this power before.

30 September 2021

Sims encourages international alignment on digital platform regulation

The head of Australia’s competition authority has said international alignment and increased cooperation amongst competition agencies are crucial in order to implement effective ex ante regulation of digital platforms.

29 September 2021

Taiwanese official says competition agency is not considering digital platform regulation

Taiwan’s antitrust enforcer does not think new ex ante competition regulation is needed to tackle concerns about digital media markets and will instead rely on the country’s existing regime to address any possible issues, a top official at the agency has said.

29 September 2021

Expert evidence should be more transparent, appellate court judge says

Expert witnesses in competition cases should rely on the same data sources when presenting evidence and only cite peer-reviewed literature to support their arguments, so as to improve wider transparency, a judge at the Court of Appeal of England and Wales has said.

24 September 2021

JFTC commissioner: regulation of digital platforms could stifle innovation

A commissioner at Japan’s competition authority has said she is worried that plans by competition agencies around the world to impose more regulations on digital platforms could lead to a stifling of innovation.

14 September 2021

GCR Live: Merger Control returns to Brussels

Enforcers past and present – including Isabelle de Silva, Christine Wilson and Makan Delrahim – are gearing up to speak at GCR Live: Merger Control in Brussels next month.

14 September 2021

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