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DG Comp top economist: zero-price can be special and efficiencies credible

The new chief competition economist at the European Commission has predicted that the commission will offer additional theories of harm about data, but will be open to hearing efficiencies claims for mergers.

10 February 2020

Lawyers see new politicisation of merger review

As politicians have waded further into the waters of antitrust lately, some practitioners say enforcement is increasingly politicised.

10 February 2020

Deferred prosecution offers middle-ground solution, DOJ official says

Deferred prosecution agreements can provide an important middle ground between declining to prosecute and securing a conviction, the head of criminal enforcement at the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

07 February 2020

CMA official defends rhetoric on free markets

The executive director for markets and mergers at the UK’s competition authority has vigorously countered a lawyer’s claims that the agency doesn’t believe in free markets anymore.

07 February 2020

CMA to release digital advertising market study report

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority will release its interim report on its market study into online platforms and digital advertising next week, an official has said.

13 December 2019

CMA chief economist sees clear underenforcement in tech mergers

Competition authorities have clearly not enforced enough against technology mergers, the chief economist at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said.

13 December 2019

Tribunal decision for overlapping actions is “surprising”, says Dietzel

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal’s decision to hear applications for overlapping collective proceedings in the trucks case is “not properly thought out”, a competition litigator has said.

11 December 2019

Deutsche Bahn/Mastercard did not answer applicable law question, says UK barrister

UK litigation between Deutsche Bahn and Mastercard concerning limitation periods in damages claims "has not answered fully the question" of applicable law, Kassie Smith QC has said.

11 December 2019

Competition policy “needs to change”, says Snoep

Competition enforcement will become irrelevant if it does not adapt, the head of the Dutch competition authority has said.

11 December 2019

De Silva: Privacy is not always critical for antitrust enforcers

Competition authorities should interact more closely with data protection agencies, but privacy is not a crucial consideration in all competition matters, the president of France’s Competition Authority has said.

10 December 2019

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