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“Killer acquisitions” raise distinct concerns, says ACCC lawyer

A senior lawyer in the mergers unit at Australia’s antitrust watchdog has highlighted features that make certain deals in innovative sectors receive greater scrutiny.

14 November 2019

Info exchange is ambiguous, observers from multiple jurisdictions say

The line between permissible information exchange and collusion is not as clear cut as many businesses and trade associations would prefer, lawyers from Europe, North America and Asia have said.

13 November 2019

Ex-chief US DOJ economist sees “crisis in antitrust”

A former chief economist for the US Department of Justice’s antitrust division has called out competition authorities – particularly her old agency – for both substantive and procedural failings.

12 November 2019

Digital authorities are unnecessary, US FTC official says

Despite global calls to establish new digital authorities to tackle technology platforms and data collection, a US enforcer has said competition-related concerns need to be handled by antitrust experts.

12 November 2019

CMA: Brexit limits talk with government about big tech

Brexit has affected discussions between the UK’s competition authority and its government about major technology companies, the chief executive of the authority has said.

29 October 2019

French authority calls for digital unit

France’s Competition Authority wants a digital unit to handle online platforms, the head of the authority’s merger unit has said.

29 October 2019

Competition data remedies must change, US FTC commissioner says

A wider range of remedies must be imposed against companies that misuse data in an anticompetitive way, Rohit Chopra has said.

25 October 2019

Gig workers should form agreements, says Vestager

EU competition rules do not prevent gig economy workers from entering into unions and negotiating the prices of their services, Margrethe Vestager has said.

24 October 2019

Google counsel: digital enforcement should not alter legal certainty

Enforcers should be wary about introducing tools specific to the digital sector because such measures would fundamentally reduce legal certainty, Google’s senior competition counsel has said.

14 October 2019

CADE president: challenges to merger decisions are important

Third-party challenges to merger decisions by Brazil’s competition authority are “a very important part of the process”, the agency’s president has said.

11 October 2019

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