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FTC adopts tougher stance on divestitures

The US Federal Trade Commission will no longer accept merger remedies with lengthy entanglements, the director of the agency’s antitrust arm has said.

03 February 2023

DOJ official: private equity HSR compliance poses existential threat to enforcement

Far too many private equity firms are failing to comply with merger filing requirements, an official from the Department of Justice’s antitrust division has said.

03 February 2023

CMA official: authorities are not undermining boundaries of merger control

Criticism that unpredictable and more aggressive enforcement is blurring the established boundaries of merger control wrongly ignores how competition assessments evolve in line with changing markets, a senior official at the UK’s antitrust authority has said.

02 February 2023

DMU could steer rethink on behavioural remedies in digital mergers, CMA official says

Behavioural remedies could be used more commonly to address harmful mergers in the online economy once the UK’s new Digital Markets Unit becomes fully functional, a senior official at the country’s antitrust enforcer has said.

02 February 2023

Kovacic: FTC independence is fading

The Federal Trade Commission is likely to lose the deference of the courts as the executive branch takes on a more hands-on role with the agency’s work, former chair William Kovacic has said.

27 January 2023

Asian authorities must carefully choose theories of harm against Big Tech, says ICN expert

A non-governmental advisor at the International Competition Network has warned Asian antitrust agencies to ensure the general public can understand theories of harm against Big Tech companies, while an official at Korea’s Fair Trade Commission revealed his agency is preparing guidance on self-preferencing.

19 December 2022

Data deals undergoing heightened scrutiny in the US, CFIUS lawyer says

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has increased its focus on deals involving sensitive data sets to protect national security, a top foreign investment lawyer has said.

14 December 2022

Enforcers have undervalued innovation, CMA chief economist says

The UK’s chief competition economist has said antitrust authorities have allowed too many mergers in the tech space because they “undervalue innovation” and have become “paralysed” in the face of uncertainty.

05 December 2022

Failing firm defence comes down to takeover strategy, French mergers head says

The head of the French antitrust enforcer's mergers unit has said companies should not be scared of invoking the failing firm defence during merger reviews, but warned that internal documents and the manner of takeover are key to gaining approval.

02 December 2022

FTC official: Practitioners must use “best judgment” over Section 5 risks

The Federal Trade Commission should prosecute conduct far beyond what is prohibited by the Sherman Act following the recent revival of Section 5 of the FTC Act, the director of the agency’s healthcare division has said.

02 December 2022

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