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Salon, not saloon: The Tipline for 24 September 2018

GCR USA - 24 September 2018

We have a full slate of stories this morning after a busy Friday in the nation’s capital, including three articles from the Federal Trade Commission’s second hearing on competition and consumer protection. Look for more conference reporting tomorrow thanks to an antitrust salon today hosted by former FTC chair William Kovacic.

AT&T fires back: The Tipline for 21 September 2018

GCR USA - 21 September 2018

We are back at the Federal Trade Commission for the second hearing on competition and consumer protection, today focusing on the state of US antitrust law and buyer and monopsony power. For now, we have coverage of AT&T’s appellate brief filed yesterday afternoon in the company’s fight to defend its merger with Time Warner against the Department of Justice’s antitrust division; and of Tribune Media’s reply to Sinclair Broadcasting in the litigious aftermath of their merger breakup.

Restasis suit survives: The Tipline for 20 September 2018

GCR USA - 20 September 2018

Two class actions survived a motion to dismiss brought by Allergan; the Federal Trade Commission is taking a closer look at the proposed merger of two rent-to-buy stores; and two technology trade groups are supporting the commission in its lawsuit against Qualcomm.

One for the record books: The Tipline for 19 September 2018

GCR USA - 19 September 2018

Visa and Mastercard have agreed to pay the largest antitrust class-action settlement in US history, although the litigation remains far from over. Meanwhile, the head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division detailed his rationale for considering unlikely any antitrust action against companies that violate their commitments to license on fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms. And the states of New York and Illinois have settled with WeWork over the office-space provider’s alleged use of non-compete agreements.

Cigna/Express Scripts cleared: The Tipline for 18 September 2018

GCR USA - 18 September 2018

One of the two pending vertical healthcare mergers is cleared to go ahead, after the Department of Justice’s antitrust division allowed the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act to expire for insurer Cigna’s $52 billion merger with pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts. We also have stories on the latest in the Androgel litigation and two new additions at the Antitrust Division.

Corporate Cool: The Tipline for 17 September 2018

GCR USA - 17 September 2018

Former Supreme Court chief justice Warren Burger was born 111 years ago today and retired justice David Souter, best known amongst the antitrust community for writing opinions in California Dental and Bell Atlantic v Twombly, turns 79. And that’s probably the least fraught thing you’ll hear about the Supreme Court today. We have a story on Tronox and the Federal Trade Commission making their final arguments in the administrative proceedings and the formal opening of nominations for this year’s GCR Corporate Counsel survey.

Competition kickoff: The Tipline for 14 September 2018

GCR USA - 14 September 2018

Happy Friday. We’ve got a pair of stories from the first of the Federal Trade Commission’s series of hearings evaluating the state of competition enforcement. We also look at the federal court opinion, now unsealed, that granted the agency a preliminary injunction against the Tronox/Cristal merger. Unfortunately, the FTC hearings set for today have been postponed due to concerns about Hurricane Florence, but we will have more FTC v Tronox coverage in the briefing on Monday from closing arguments in the administrative proceeding.

FTC hearing day: The Tipline for 13 September 2018

GCR USA - 13 September 2018

The waiting is over and the Federal Trade Commission’s hearings on competition and consumer protection have begun. We are at the Georgetown University Law Center for the first day examining the current state of competition law; whether industries have become more concentrated and less competitive; and vertical mergers. Even though Hurricane Florence has been forecast not to hit hard against Washington, DC, the FTC opted to play it safe and defer the second day of the hearing. For now, we have a preview from one of the commissioners and coverage of a federal judge who has stepped off the bench to head back to private practice.

Another dose of vitamin C: The Tipline for 12 September 2018

GCR USA - 12 September 2018

We are at the Capitol Hill Club today as FTC commissioner Noah Phillips kicks off an action-packed trio of days that will culminate in the first of a series of Federal Trade Commission hearings set to examine competition and consumer protection -- assuming that Hurricane Florence doesn't cause a postponement. Today, Phillips teams up with Arnold & Porter partner Debbie Feinstein and Global Antitrust Institute director of economic education John Yun to discuss the upcoming hearings and more. For now, check out our coverage of the latest in the Vitamin C litigation.

Robinson-Patman redux: The Tipline for 11 September 2018

GCR USA - 11 September 2018

In the brief lull before the Federal Trade Commission kicks off a packed week ahead, we have coverage of arguments before the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and a new director of criminal litigation at the Department of Justice’s antitrust division.




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