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And Vitamin C makes three: The Tipline for 16 January 2018

GCR USA - 16 January 2018

Few movies get made about notable figures in antitrust history, and when they do, it seems like the actors are not always looking their best. Matt Damon, for example, reportedly put on a fake nose, cheek plumpers and 30 pounds to play an Archer Daniels Midland executive in The Informant! But it wasn’t always so – check out our tribute to the late John Tunney for more.

Swimming in suits: The Tipline for 12 January 2018

GCR USA - 12 January 2018

We are off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, but we will be back on Tuesday with the latest antitrust news because there’s no rest for the weary. For today, we have the latest development in the Authenticom litigation, where the defendants are asking for a short reprieve as they face an onslaught of litigation. Stay tuned for a few class action settlements awaiting judicial approval and yet another request of Judge Denise Casper.

A united front: The Tipline for 11 January 2018

GCR USA - 11 January 2018

The news is starting to pick up after a slow start to 2018. Today we have the head of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition sticking up for the Department of Justice’s decision to challenge the AT&T/Time Warner merger; a direct purchaser bringing another cartel lawsuit against Japanese manufacturers accused of fixing prices of circuit board components – this time, it’s inductors – and the DOJ investigating a trade association’s mandatory ethical guidelines.

FTC proxies: The Tipline for 10 January 2018

GCR USA - 10 January 2018

We’ll be at the Sofitel Washington, DC, to catch the acting director of the Federal Trade Commission’s bureau of competition give a speech on vertical transactions. He’s giving the post-lunch keynote address at an otherwise private Credit Suisse event that will feature many familiar faces in the antitrust bar.

Heresy in the court: The Tipline for 9 January 2018

GCR USA - 09 January 2018

Today’s lead story is about a ruling that reached the exact opposite conclusion of most cases on which we report.

DOJ gets along, FTC picks a fight: The Tipline for 8 January 2018

GCR USA - 08 January 2018

Washington, DC has been buzzing about Michael Wolff’s book about the Trump White House. But anyone looking for antitrust in Wolff’s book would be disappointed; the topic receives zero mentions.

A bad week for plaintiffs: The Tipline for 5 January 2018

GCR USA - 05 January 2018

The past week has not been a great one for antitrust lawsuits, as both federal district and appellate courts have been rejecting claims of collusion and monopolisation.

Steppig right up: The Tipline for 4 January 2018

GCR USA - 04 January 2018

Felony disenfranchisement does not come up much at GCR USA, but we had reason to think of it and other collateral consequences of being a US citizen convicted of an antitrust crime yesterday, when a former executive who had fought an indictment flipped his plea to guilty. While the Department of Justice has recommended only probation for punishment, that does not alter the other effects of a felony record.

All those Jersey jokes gone to waste: The Tipline for 3 January 2018

GCR USA - 03 January 2018

We are in Newark, New Jersey, today for a change-of-plea hearing in the Department of Justice’s prosecution of Brian Steppig, who allegedly participated in a scheme to fix the prices of liquid aluminium sulphate, a water treatment chemical. The case has a trial start date of next Tuesday, but on 19 December this hearing popped up on the docket, indicating that the two sides may have reached an agreement.

Tipline’s back, tell a friend: The Tipline for 2 January 2018

GCR USA - 02 January 2018

Happy new year! The last two weeks of 2017 delivered quite a bit for us to catch up on: merger settlements, new enforcement actions, several appellate rulings, and even other parts of the federal government having opinions about antitrust. Get your first cup of office coffee of 2018 and settle in for all the news.




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