USA Hot Docs

Hot Docs – Hovenkamp, hospital-home bias and a healthy dose of judicial review

GCR USA - 06 July 2018

While the recent heatwave may have you inside by the air-conditioning all day, we have collected the hottest docs in antitrust to keep you entertained.

Hot Docs: The ups and downs of horizontal shareholding and vertical enforcement

GCR USA - 09 January 2018

It may be icy outside, but at least the days are getting longer and we have curated a selection of the hottest docs in antitrust for you. And they run the gamut – from a study by economic academics on airline collusion; to a federal judge’s opinion in a North Dakota merger; to a Harvard University law professor who says that horizontal shareholding leads to decreased competition; to economists who have found that a high concentration in the labour market leads to a decrease in employees’ wages.

Hot Docs: Dons and Bert and Roger and Herb

GCR USA - 17 August 2017

As temperatures rise and dockets cool, we have a selection of Hot Docs ranging from economists' analysis of the AT&T/Time Warner merger; an old article by Roger Alford, the new deputy assistant attorney general for international affairs at the Department of Justice's antitrust division; former DOJ attorneys weighing in favour of the Supreme Court taking the states' American Express appeal; and a pair of papers by antitrust boss Herbert Hovenkamp.

Hot Docs: Schooling a Scholar

GCR USA - 10 April 2017

The top doc today is of re-heated interest with the appointment of Andrew Finch as temporary head of the Department of Justice’s antitrust division, to become principal deputy once the Senate confirms Makan Delrahim. More recent are an essay by Doug Melamed – one of Finch’s predecessors as both principal deputy and acting assistant attorney general – and the Federal Trade Commission’s final pre-trial brief before clashing with 1-800 Contacts.

Hot Docs: Amazon, Anthem, A&O and Andy Gavil

GCR USA - 10 March 2017

It’s back! GCR USA is once again rounding up some of the most-read and hotly discussed documents in the antitrust world, including court filings, academic papers, agency submissions and more. If you think that we should highlight something, please ping the editor.

Hot Docs: Inequality, RPM and “pure mythology”

GCR USA - 05 March 2015

What better way for our East Coast readers to warm themselves this snow-covered morning than with the latest batch of hot docs, fresh off the presses? We have articles by Hovenkamp and Salop, a transcript that sets the stage for the FTC’s latest courtroom showdown, an important Supreme Court decision and a complaint that has a lot of people interested. 

Overbilling, Uber and Idaho: Hot Docs for the week beginning 9 February 2015

GCR USA - 13 February 2015

It’s been a while since we brought you the best in court filings, academic papers and articles from the antitrust world. This Friday, enjoy pieces on antitrust and privacy, the potential Libor appeal and the history of retail mergers. 

Hot Docs: Gas tanks, lists and populism

GCR USA - 15 January 2015

Here’s our pick of articles, blog posts, bills and other bits of dead tree for the first few weeks of 2015. Enjoy them on this long weekend. 

Hot Docs: drugs, states and arbitration

GCR USA - 11 December 2014

Enjoy GCR’s somewhat frequent round-up of piping-hot court decisions, speeches, essays and articles. This week: an unexpected consequence of Italian Colors, a well-thumbed product-hopping decision, and a Nobel winner’s prize lecture. 

Hot Docs: Au pairs, MEPS and a pay-for-delay win

GCR USA - 21 November 2014

It’s Friday 21 November, which means it’s time for the occasional dose of fiery filings, peppery papers, inflammable interviews and enkindled essays we like to call Hot Docs.