Unilateral Conduct

Spain fines collecting societies

Premium 15 December 2008

Spain's National Competition Commission has fined collecting societies AGEDI and AIE €815,000 and €615,000, respectively, for abuse of dominance in their management of intellectual property rights.

France dismisses electronics lawsuit

Premium 15 December 2008

France's Competition Council has dismissed a private antitrust action against Sony and Philips, which accused the electronics companies of anti-competitive violations.

Intel strikes back at KFTC

Premium 10 December 2008

The first country to accuse Intel of abuse of dominance has become the site of Intel's first legal challenge, as the company yesterday moved to annul the Korean Fair Trade Commission's €16 million antitrust fine against it.

Hearing begins in Linkline case

Premium 08 December 2008

Telecoms companies AT&T and Linkline Communications will meet today before the US Supreme Court for a hearing to present their arguments in a ‘price squeeze' case.

US coalition blasts minimum-pricing policies

US coalition blasts minimum-pricing policies

Premium 05 December 2008

A coalition of US retailers, consumer groups, academics and policymakers have lashed out at manufacturers and major retailers for allegedly using a Supreme Court decision to bar sellers from offering discounts on their goods.

DG Comp issues article 82 guidance

Premium 03 December 2008

The European Commission has released its long-awaited guidance on the application of article 82 rules on abuse of dominance. While lawyers generally welcome the guidance, some say it does not go as far as it could have.

Intel fires back at DG Comp

Premium 27 November 2008

The European Union has published details of Intel's petition to the European Court of First Instance, which asks for more time to file a response to DG Comp's abuse of dominance charges against the company.

DG Comp accepts E.ON unbundling

DG Comp accepts E.ON unbundling

Premium 27 November 2008

E.ON, the largest energy company in Germany, has agreed to unprecedented remedies to end its long-running article 82 tussle with the European Commission.

DG Comp raids pharma companies in new probe

Premium 26 November 2008

Europe's industry-wide pharmaceutical inquiry has led to its first competition enforcement action, with the European Commission confirming a round of dawn raids in the sector carried out earlier this week.

Switzerland probes watchmaker

Premium 25 November 2008

Switzerland's Competition Commission has opened a preliminary investigation of possible abuse of market dominance and excessive pricing by watch component manufacturer ETA, a unit of Swiss watchmaker Swatch.