State Aid

DG Comp clears Benelux aid to Fortis

DG Comp clears Benelux aid to Fortis

Premium 04 December 2008

The European Commission has approved state aid to rescue and restructure Fortis Bank and Fortis Bank Luxembourg.

France awaits ruling on banking aid

Premium 02 December 2008

France is calling on the European Commission to relax competition rules in the face of the global financial crisis.

DG Comp faces car industry challenge

DG Comp faces car industry challenge

Premium 01 December 2008

General Motors and Ford Motor have asked Sweden's government to provide aid to their Saab and Volvo brands, after a recent speech by European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes which called on European governments to resist requests for aid from carmakers.

Kroes puts the brakes on car industry aid

Premium 24 November 2008

Europe's Competition Commissioner, Neelie Kroes, has told governments to resist bailing out struggling car companies that have approached leaders for financial support.

ECJ hears Greek state aid case

Premium 12 November 2008

The Greek government and the European Commission were before the European Court of Justice yesterday in the latest round of their fight over alleged illegal state aid.

Lowe: State aid is maturing

Premium 29 October 2008

European Competition Director General Philip Lowe has reiterated his commitment to enforcing state aid rules in a speech hosted by European think tank The Centre.

Lords backs banking amendment

Premium 17 October 2008

The UK's House of Lords has given its backing to an amendment to the Enterprise Act, which will allow the government to intervene in reviews of mergers in the financial system.

DG Comp issues emergency state aid guidelines

Premium 14 October 2008

The European Commission yesterday promised to fast track state aid decisions for member states attempting to shore up financially troubled lenders so long as they adhered to EU rules.

Kroes vows to preserve state aid

Premium 13 October 2008

European competition commissioner Neelie Kroes today stressed the importance of competition policy in solving the current financial crisis.

Sarkozy calls for looser state aid rules

Premium 10 October 2008

French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, yesterday called on the European Commission to relax state aid rules and allow member states to support industry.