State Aid

OECD chief calls for coordinated approach to competition

OECD chief calls for coordinated approach to competition

Premium 20 February 2009

The OECD's secretary-general yesterday called for a robust approach to competition to speed recovery from the worldwide economic crisis.

Kroes calls for financial restructuring

Premium 20 February 2009

European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes has called on banks to come clean about "the true amounts of toxic assets" they are holding.

DG Comp supports aid for environmental investment

Premium 04 February 2009

The European Commission is allowing France to introduce a temporary scheme granting low-interest loans to businesses that produce environmentally friendly products.

New bailouts to save France's car industry

New bailouts to save France's car industry

Premium 21 January 2009

France's car industry could receive up to €6 million in state aid, following the opening of a bailout fund. The government also announced a €300 million payment to car parts producers from a designated fund at the end of the month.

BMW criticises industry bailouts

Premium 13 January 2009

German carmaker BMW says giving state aid to its rivals in Europe and the US is anti-competitive.

DG Comp aims to boost 'real economy'

Premium 18 December 2008

The European Commission announced proposals yesterday aimed at strengthening the ability of governments to support struggling companies - without breaking state aid rules and damaging competition.

Ryanair scores victory at CFI

Premium 17 December 2008

The European Court of First Instance today ruled that Ryanair will not have to repay a €4.5 million subsidy from the Belgian state.

DG Comp approves French banking plans

Premium 09 December 2008

The European Commission has cleared France's plan to inject capital into several banks, and has published guidance on procedures for bank recapitalisation.

Lufthansa to buy Austrian Airlines

Premium 08 December 2008

German airline Lufthansa has agreed to buy Austrian Airlines - the latest deal in the rapidly consolidating global airline industry.

Opinion: competition law in hard times

Premium 08 December 2008

Charles Whiddington and Cathy McKenna at Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP look at how companies and competition authorities are dealing with the global economic downturn.