Formula One inquiry and apology

Premium 01 November 1999

In an unprecedented move, the European Commission has issued an apology to the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile for leaking statements to the press in relation to an ongoing investigation into FIA agreements.

Premier League v OFT

Premium 01 November 1999

The UK Restrictive Practices Court has upheld the right of the FA Premier League to collectively sell TV rights.


Premium 01 November 1999

Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux is set to be the world leader in water services following a US$5.5 billion US shopping spree which has seen the French firm acquire Pittsburgh-based Calgon Corp for US$415 million, Illinios company Nalco for US$4.1 billion and most recently United Water Resources for US$1 billion.

Dow Chemical/Union Carbide

Premium 01 November 1999

Dow Chemical Co is to buy long-time rival Union Carbide in a stock deal valued at US$8.89 billion.


Premium 01 November 1999

The proposed merger between French supermarket chains Carrefour and Promodes, valued at 15.6 billion euros, will create the world’s second largest shopping chain.

Cable & Wireless Communications splits

Premium 01 November 1999

The US-based communications company NTL looks set to become the largest cable-TV provider in Britain following a complex restructuring of Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC).


Premium 01 November 1999

Europe’s largest telecoms provider, Deutsche Telekom, is to expand its coverage further with the acquisition of One2One, the UK’s fastest-growing mobile phone operator.


Premium 01 November 1999

Following the announcement of the Alcan/Pechiney/Alusuisse merger, the world’s largest aluminium company Alcoa announced a surprise US$5.6 billion bid for the world’s third largest, Reynolds Metals.


Premium 01 November 1999

The three-way multi-jurisdictional merger announced on August 11 1999 by Alcan Aluminium Ltd, Pechiney SA and Alusuisse Lonza Group AG will create one of the world’s largest aluminium companies and a global leader in both flexible and speciality packaging.

Irish Electricity Regulation

Premium 01 October 1999

UK firm Denton Hall and regulatory economists NERA are to be part of a consortium advising the newly created Irish Commission for Electricity Regulation on the opening of the Irish market to competition.