An interview with John Pecman

19 December 2017

The tenure of Canada’s acclaimed Commissioner of Competition John Pecman is set to expire in June 2018. Sonya Lalli spoke to him in September about how the Competition Bureau has fared under his leadership, challenges that persist and what could lie ahead.

Italy’s competition bar

19 December 2017

Italy remains a competition hotspot in Europe, with an intriguing blend of huge international firms going up against prestigious national practices, and new firms emerging to challenge the status quo. Janith Aranze reports on a flagship competition bar.

The lead counsel crusade

11 December 2017

Among the US plaintiffs’ bar, the contest for lead counsel status in antitrust class actions is heated, for good reason: It’s the ultimate legal prize, with winners well-placed to pad their reputations and their pocketbooks. GCR data reporter Denise Nzeyimana and editor-at-large Ron Knox combed court records and used Kumu mapping software to show which firms earn lead counsel status most frequently - and why.

Canada’s competition bar

09 December 2017

“Intensely competitive” are the words one acclaimed practitioner used to describe Canada’s competition bar. Sonya Lalli investigates

Merricks v MasterCard: What went wrong

Merricks v MasterCard: What went wrong

28 November 2017

In July, the UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal refused to certify an opt-out class action pursuing MasterCard’s allegedly anticompetitive interchange fees. Shepherd & Wedderburn partner Claire Stockford and solicitor Zeno Frediani look at the lessons for others that might seek UK class certification.

A letter from GCR’s editor

23 November 2017

Pallavi Guniganti joined Global Competition Review as a reporter in 2013 to help launch GCR USA. She became editor of the magazine in 2016, and is based in Washington, DC

Growing up global

22 November 2017

In July, GCR editor Pallavi Guniganti conducted an online roundtable with young leaders of the antitrust bar from around the world, who talked about how they became interested in competition law and how it has changed for the past generation

What they saw at the revolution: the past 20 years of antitrust

21 November 2017

For GCR’s 20th anniversary, we asked six of the most experienced antitrust lawyers in the world to reflect on the most significant developments over the past two decades of competition law and practice. From the staggering growth in international cooperation and fines, to the rise of antitrust enforcement around the world, our panellists detail the changes that have shaped competition law today, and will continue to guide its development in the future

An interview with David Samuels

20 November 2017

David Samuels is the longest-serving journalist at Law Business Research, and is now the company’s editor-in-chief. He joined Global Competition Review in 1999 and became editor soon after. He spoke with Janith Aranze, who joined GCR as a reporter in January 2017

An interview with Andrea Coscelli

An interview with Andrea Coscelli

13 November 2017

Andrea Coscelli has been chief executive of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority since July 2017, after a stint as its acting chief following the departure of Alex Chisholm. Coscelli spoke to Hettie O’Brien about excessive prices, the CMA’s merger caseload, and whether antitrust is working for society.