EC competition law: the millenium

Premium 01 December 1997

Alexander Schaub has been Director General of DGIV, the European Commission’s Competition arm, for two years. His mission in Brussels is to move European competition forward, bringing in fresh, workable concepts to carry the single market into the 21st century.

Developments in US international competition cooperation

Premium 01 December 1997

Nina Hachigian, an advisor to the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, believes that two recent agreements signed by the US represent a positive step towards greater international cooperation on competition. The Boeing/McDonnell Douglas merger brought to light a fact about antitrust enforcement in the modern era that competition authorities have been living with for some time. As commerce goes global, antitrust enforcement regimes will increasingly overlap and occasionally collide.

New regulatory boundaries for airline alliances

Premium 01 December 1997

Airline alliances are high on the competition agenda. Michael Reynolds, chairman of the IBA’s Antitrust and Trade Committee, and Richard J Fahy Jr, chairman of the Aeronautical Law Committee, convened a joint session at the 1997 IBA conference in New Delhi and invited representatives of airlines, the EU Commission and the US Department of Justice to debate the application of competition rules to the airline sector. Callum Campbell was there.