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Brussels eyes Finnish energy merger

Premium 01 February 1998

Regulators at Finland’s competition bureau, the Kilpailuvirasto, predict opposition in Brussels to the proposed US$10.4 billion merger between power utility Imatran Voima (IVO) and petrochemicals group Neste.

Fiesole to go annual

Premium 01 December 1997

The International Bar Association’s seminar on the future of merger control in Europe, held in September at the European Institute in Fiesole, was so successful that Committee C, the IBA’s section on antitrust and trade law, which organised the forum, has decided to make it an annual event.

Japanese FTC commissioner joins firm

Premium 01 December 1997

Former Japanese Fair Trade Commissioner Kunpei Sato has joined Tokyo firm Nishimura & Partners.

Canada to authorise phonetapping

Premium 01 December 1997

The Canadian government plans to introduce telephone-tapping measures to help catch perpetrators of price-fixing, bid-rigging and fraudulent telemarketing.

Top Brussels boutique adds clout to White & Case

Premium 01 December 1997

One of the top three boutique firms in Brussels, Forrester Norall & Sutton, has linked up with US multinational firm White & Case to form a strong European trade and competition practice.

Beckett approves P&O/ Stena deal

Premium 01 December 1997

UK trade secretary Margaret Beckett has approved the P&O/Stena Line ferry merger despite concern from European Commissioner Karel van Miert and UK Director General of Fair Trading John Bridgeman, who favoured complete prohibition in the public interest.

Fast-track failure threatens Latin American competition

Premium 01 December 1997

Competition lawyers are concerned that US president Bill Clinton’s failure to achieve fast-track voting rights in Congress last week will impede the development of competition in Latin America.

Boeing’s point man lets off steam

Premium 01 December 1997

Boeing’s point man in Brussels, Ivo van Bael, claimed at the IBA’s Delhi conference last month that there were no checks on the 'tremendous power' wielded by the EU in the merger field.

Microsoft limbers up for battle

Premium 01 December 1997

Brussels cleared the way for Microsoft’s run-in with the US Department of Justice when it closed an important case against the software giant at the end of November.

European-wide impact of TV soccer rights

Premium 01 December 1997

The UK’s first test case on collective sale of exclusive rights by a major sports association has been scheduled to begin in January 1999 in the Restrictive Practices Court. BSkyB currently has exclusive live rights over Premier League football games in the UK, but Director General of Fair Trading John Bridgeman is challenging the deal on the grounds of public interest. 'This is a key case for competition in the broadcasting market, where rapid developments in technology are taking place,' he said.