Community News

Illinois hearings on SBC/Ameritech begin

Premium 01 February 1999

The Illinois Commerce Commission has been holding hearings to determine whether the proposed US$61 billion merger between SBC and Ameritech is in the best interests of consumers in the state.

Canadian panel reports on bank mergers

Premium 01 October 1998

The long-awaited MacKay panel on the banking sector in Canada has issued a qualified endorsement of proposed big bank mergers, saying such mergers should be allowed if, after a full public review, they are found to be in the public interest.

France blocks Coke's Orangina bid

Premium 01 October 1998

The French government has blocked the Coca-Cola Company’s planned US$840m acquisition of the French orange drink brand Orangina, a division of Pernod-Ricard SA.

Commission investigates international telephone prices

Premium 01 October 1998

The European Commission’s DGIV has decided to continue its investigation of prices for international phone calls, concentrating its investigations on seven dominant operators: OTE of Greece, Post & Telekom Austria, Postes et Télécommunications Luxembourg, SONERA (formerly Telecom Finland), Telecom Eireann, Telecom Italia and Telecom Portugal.

FCC clears Worldcom/ MCI

Premium 01 October 1998

The Federal Communications Commission has approved Worldcom’s takeover of MCI, removing the last major regulatory hurdle in the way of the deal, originally valued at US$37 billion when announced in November 1997.

Mandelson blocks Ladbroke/ Coral

Premium 01 October 1998

Britain’s new trade secretary, Peter Mandelson, has upheld a decision by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission to block the US$610m acquisition by Ladbroke of the Coral betting chain.

Commission opens indepth inquiry into Enso/ Stora

Premium 01 October 1998

The European Commission has decided to open a detailed investigation into the merger between the Finnish-based wood products group Enso Oyj and Sweden’s Stora Kopparbergs och Bergslags.

DoJ approves Banc One/ First Chicago Merger

Premium 01 October 1998

The DoJ has approved the proposed US$20 billion merger of Banc One Corp and First Chicago NBD Corp following a commitment from the companies to sell 39 branch offices in Indiana with total deposits of US$1.47 billion.

Calls for details of CFF cash injection

Premium 01 October 1998

Following an announcement by the French government that it was planning to 'financially restructure' the state-owned Crédit Foncier de France prior to renewing its attempts to sell the bank, Competition commissioner Karel van Miert asked for details of the planned cash injection.

BA, AA unveil grand alliance plans

Premium 01 October 1998

British Airways and American Airlines have unveiled plans for a global alliance with Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific of Hong Kong and Qantas of Australia.