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EU ends Insurance Ireland probe with data access remedies

The European Commission has accepted Insurance Ireland’s commitments to facilitate greater access to its claims information database, ending a three-year antitrust investigation into the association’s alleged discrimination against non-members.

30 June 2022

CMA “lacks confidence” in criminal cartel enforcement, says UK lawyer

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority should make more use of its criminal enforcement powers to ensure cartelists apply for leniency more frequently, a UK lawyer has said.

30 June 2022

CMA official says application numbers not only way to measure success of leniency programme

A senior official at the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has said the number of leniency applications submitted to an agency is not the only way to measure the success of an enforcer’s leniency programme.

29 June 2022

Trucks conspirator criticises claimants for relying on “assumed prices”

The economic analysis used by UK claimants seeking damages as a result of the EU Trucks cartel is fundamentally flawed because they wrongly convert truck prices sold in pounds to euros to estimate alleged overcharges, DAF told the country’s specialist competition tribunal.

28 June 2022

CMA yet to fulfil post-Brexit ambitions, says UK lawyer

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority is yet to demonstrate its willingness to enforce against cartels since the country left the EU, a UK lawyer has said.

28 June 2022

Latin America should expect influx of no-poach cases, says former enforcer

Antitrust agencies in South America are following in the footsteps of those in the US and Europe by turning their focus to probing collusion in the labour market, a former Brazilian enforcer has said.

28 June 2022

Former enforcers clash over cooperating with FBI

A former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and three former antitrust enforcers have disagreed over whether competition lawyers should advise companies to speak with FBI agents during so-called “knock-and-talk” interviews.

28 June 2022

China ushers in new era of antitrust enforcement with passing of AML amendments

Chinese lawmakers have amended the country’s antitrust law, including sharply increasing maximum fines for various infringements, introducing personal liability for anticompetitive conduct and clarifying the framework for assessing resale price maintenance.

27 June 2022

CMA secures settlement agreements in construction bid-rigging cartel

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has accused 10 construction companies of rigging bids for asbestos removal contracts worth over £150 million, having already agreed settlements with eight of the conspirators.

24 June 2022

Switzerland: an era of potential modernisation

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24 June 2022

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