Work Area: Cartels

Fifth Circuit upholds HP’s award of disc drive assets

A Texas federal court correctly calculated damages awarded to HP, but should have allowed Quanta Storage more time to turn over its assets amid the covid-19 pandemic, an appellate court has ruled.

08 June 2020

Slovakia fines Volkswagen dealer cartel

The appellate tribunal of Slovakia’s Antimonopoly Office has confirmed that 18 Volkswagen car dealers conspired to fix prices, but reduced the total fines originally imposed to €6.7 million.

08 June 2020

India finds SKF, Schaeffler and Tata Steel fixed prices

SKF, Schaeffler Group, Tata Steel and National Engineering Industries have escaped fines despite India’s competition watchdog finding they colluded to fix the prices of automotive bearings.

08 June 2020

Judge ponders sentencing for ex-Bumble Bee CEO

A California federal judge appeared sceptical of the former head of Bumble Bee Foods’ arguments that the Department of Justice had failed to show a tuna price-fixing conspiracy had no impact on sales.

05 June 2020

CMA disqualifies pharma director

The UK’s competition authority has disqualified a former director of two pharmaceutical companies after he admitted to participating in two separate conspiracies.

04 June 2020

AG Pitruzzella supports EU enforcer in cartel appeal

The EU General Court misapplied the theory of joint and several liability when it annulled the European Commission’s decision to fine three companies involved in the heat stabiliser cartel, an EU advocate general has said.

04 June 2020

Four execs indicted in DOJ’s chicken industry probe

A federal grand jury has indicted four executives on one count of conspiring to fix prices and rig bids for chicken products.

04 June 2020

Patent-related disclosure is not anticompetitive, UK court says

Complying with court-ordered disclosure in patent infringement proceedings does not violate competition law, even if companies share commercially sensitive information, the High Court of England and Wales has ruled.

03 June 2020

Top German court provides welcome advice on cartel damages claims

Germany’s Federal Court of Justice has clarified how courts must assess cartel damages cases in two rulings that one lawyer has called a “clear, comprehensive and balanced framework” for the country’s follow-on litigation regime.

01 June 2020

Indian tribunal rejects Uber complaint

India’s competition appeals tribunal has dismissed a complaint against Uber and Ola for allegedly operating a hub and spoke conspiracy with drivers, in a decision that the complainant has criticised for being “superficial, rushed, and considerably uninformed”.

01 June 2020

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