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Metal packaging manufacturers settle EU cartel probe after sausage gap saga

The European Commission has secured €31 million in fines as part of a cartel settlement with two major packaging manufacturers that Germany’s antitrust enforcer was unable to penalise due to a now-resolved loophole in national law.

12 July 2022

Germany’s highest court ends damages claim against enforcer

Germany's highest court has refused to hear agricultural trading company BayWa’s €73 million damages claim against the national competition authority for purportedly breaching its rights by allowing its rivals to avoid cartel fines through leniency.

11 July 2022

Broiler chicken acquittals are “embarrassment” for DOJ, lawyers say

The acquittals of five poultry executives for purported price-fixing have raised questions about the Department of Justice’s decision to continue prosecuting the case despite two prior hung juries.

11 July 2022

EU sends ethanol producers SO in hybrid settlement case

The European Commission has accused Agroetanol and Alcogroup of colluding to rig ethanol benchmark rates to inflate the price of biofuels across Europe, months after a third company confessed to its role in the same cartel.

07 July 2022

Spain sanctions 25-year construction cartel

Spain’s competition authority has fined six of the country’s leading construction companies a combined €203.6 million after finding they rigged thousands of public tenders for construction and civil projects over a 25-year period.

07 July 2022

SAMR bulldozes concrete cartel run through unregistered trade association

China’s antitrust watchdog has fined seven companies more than €2.3 million for fixing the price of commercial concrete, restricting supply and allocating the market in the Fujian province through an unregistered trade association for nearly three years.

07 July 2022

French enforcer sends SO to four electrical equipment makers

France’s Competition Authority has sent statements of objections to four electrical equipment manufacturers alleging that they fixed resale prices, three years after an investigative journal revealed the alleged conduct.

06 July 2022

EU targets Delivery Hero and Glovo in online food delivery raids

The European Commission has raided the offices of Delivery Hero and Glovo in Germany and Spain on suspicion that they colluded to share the market for food and grocery delivery services.

06 July 2022

German policy adviser supports break-up orders absent antitrust infringement

Germany’s Monopolies Commission has supported proposals to empower the country’s competition authority to break up companies without first finding an infringement of competition law.

05 July 2022

Korea penalises manhole cover cartel

Korea’s antitrust authority has fined five manhole cover manufacturers a total of €1.6 million for rigging bids over a period lasting more than eight years.

05 July 2022

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