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Austria urges top court to intervene in construction cartel case

Austria’s antitrust watchdog has asked the country’s highest court to rebuke a lower court for refusing to review and amend a leniency applicant’s cartel fine, arguing that the purported legal loophole does not exist.

25 November 2022

Surgeon certification board calls to dismiss “conclusory” boycott claims

The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA) has labelled allegations that it conspired to boycott a professional group representing surgical assistants “riddled with defects”.

25 November 2022

Australian court sanctions crane supplier for market sharing agreement

Australia’s Federal Court has sanctioned the country’s largest overhead crane supplier for entering into an illegal market sharing agreement with a competitor despite the companies never implementing the conspiracy.

23 November 2022

General Court orders steel cartelist to pay commission back-dated interest

The EU General Court has ordered German steel producer WDI to pay the European Commission overdue interest on a decade-old cartel fine, ruling that its earlier decision to annul and then reimpose the company’s penalty does not constitute a new sanction.

23 November 2022

JFTC probes advertisers for Tokyo Olympics bid-rigging

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is reportedly investigating several companies for rigging bids for the provision of advertising and test event planning during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

21 November 2022

DOJ: Northeast Alliance is “robbing Peter to pay Paul”

The Northeast Alliance’s profitability comes from customers rather than efficiencies, the Department of Justice has said.

21 November 2022

UK tribunal considers communications ban in ro-ro class action

The UK’s Competition Appeal Tribunal is deciding for the first time what kind of communications can be sent by defendants to members of a class action, after several shipping companies contacted purchasers of roll on, roll off services two weeks before an opt out deadline.

17 November 2022

Singapore shuts down warehousing cartel

Singapore’s antitrust watchdog has fined four warehouse operators a total of €2 million for fixing the price of their services at a large cargo distribution complex.

17 November 2022

Indian tribunal upholds LPG cartel decision but orders penalty recalculation

India’s specialist competition tribunal has confirmed that a group of liquid petroleum gas cylinder companies participated in a bid-rigging conspiracy but ordered the country’s antitrust authority to recalculate the fines based on the date of illegal conduct, not its infringement decision.

15 November 2022

Brazil fines silicate makers for 13-year cartel

Brazil’s competition authority has fined three manufacturers and 13 individuals a total of €11 million for colluding to fix prices, share information and divide the market for the production and supply of silicate for at least 13 years.

14 November 2022

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