Topic: Bid rigging

Maglev bid-riggers escape jail time in Japan

A Tokyo court has fined two of Japan’s “big four” construction companies €3.9 million for rigging bids to construct a major magnetic levitation train line, while sentencing a former executive from each company to 18 months of probation.

01 March 2021

First corporate defendant pleads guilty in broiler chicken probe

Pilgrim’s Pride has pleaded guilty to participating in a conspiracy to fix prices and rig bids for broiler chicken products and been ordered to pay a criminal fine of nearly $108 million.

24 February 2021

Lithuanian appeals court backs enforcer in staggered payment dispute

A Lithuanian appellate court has confirmed that a state debt collector exceeded its authority by allowing a construction company to pay in installments a multimillion euro fine for entering into anticompetitive agreements.

22 February 2021

Spain fines pharmaceuticals cartel €5.8 million

Spain's antitrust enforcer has fined the country's only two suppliers of drugs used in nuclear medicine – including a local Novartis subsidiary – for dividing the market and rigging tenders.

09 February 2021

Russia targets fuel sector cartelists

Russia’s competition authority has fined six fuel companies more than €4.47 million for rigging bids to supply federal, state and local governments with a range of fuels and lubricants.

09 February 2021

Romania sanctions wood processing cartel

Romania’s antitrust watchdog has fined 31 logging companies a total of €26.6 million for rigging bids to purchase wood plots from the country’s national forest authority.

25 January 2021

Ireland consults on competition law changes

Ireland’s government has proposed a suite of new reforms that would empower the country’s antitrust enforcer to bring gun-jumping cases and unwind already-competed deals that fall below merger notification thresholds.

21 January 2021

Colombia issues first Odebrecht collusion fines

Colombia’s competition authority has fined Odebrecht, two other construction companies and four individuals a combined €70.6 million for rigging a tender to construct a highway project worth more than €1 billion.

18 January 2021

ECJ rules on bid-rigging infringement periods

Bid rigging schemes end on the date that the infringing company signs a contract with the party that put out the tender, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

14 January 2021

Italian enforcer must analyse effects of by-object infringements, court rules

Italy’s highest administrative court has confirmed that the country’s competition watchdog failed to prove that Sky and Mediaset colluded with the national professional football league and its advisor over the assignment of broadcasting rights.

07 January 2021

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