Women in Antitrust 2016

Sharis Pozen

04 November 2016

Vice president for global competition, General Electric, Washington, DC   Years in antitrust: 27   One of the most important lessons I learned from my mentors is how to empower those who work with you. My mentors gave me loads of responsibility early on. I benefited from their versions of the “sink or swim” mentality. When I was sinking, they helped guide me. And when I was swimming, they just let me go. I learned so much that way and gained the confidence needed.   Navigating the 130+ antitrust agencies and working for a company that likely has operations in most, if not all, of the countries with active competition law regimes means there’s rarely a dull moment.   I enjoy the fact that antitrust is an interdisciplinary practice. Competition law incorporates the various statutes and articles, case law, economics, and business products and strategies.