GCR 100 - 19th Edition


20 December 2018

United States: Washington, DC

Venable antitrust chair Lisa Jose Fales works out of Washington, DC along with DOJ assistant attorney general under President Obama, Peter Kadzik, who joined Venable in 2017. Venable represented Ranbaxy in the Modafinil litigation where, after four intensive weeks of trial, it struck a settlement with the retailer and Apotex plaintiffs, which alleged that Ranbaxy’s patent settlement with brand company Cephalon delayed generic entry of the sleep disorder drug Provigil. Venable also represents Impax in a class action MDL involving direct purchasers, end-payors, and retailers, which allege that Impax received illegal reverse payments from a branded pharmaceutical company to delay a generic form of an opioid pain medication, Opana. A bit farther back, the firm advised Impax Laboratories against allegations by direct purchasers and end-payor classes that it employed “reverse payment settlements” under an invalid and unenforceable patent to delay generic competition for acne treatment Solodyn. The direct purchaser class settled on the eve of trial, while the end-payors settled halfway through in 2018.

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