Emerging Enforcers 2018

Namibian Competition Commission

26 February 2018

Namibian Competition Commission Namibia first established the Competition Commission in 2009 Current chief executive Vitalis Ndalikokule was the authority’s mergers director from 2010 to 2017 The agency issued its first-ever cartel fine in August 2016 The Namibian Competition Commission has 17 staff members and a modest budget of NAD 5.7 million (€382,000). The agency says its low budget poses one of its biggest challenges; another key difficulty are lengthy delays at the High Court of Namibia, where the commission must bring cases. It says it is working on amending the law to create a special adjudication body, and also working with government to get a leniency programme. “The commission was twice approached by different lawyers seeking leniency on behalf of their clients; however, due to the absence of a clear immunity policy, none of these applications could be processed,” it says.