Emerging Enforcers 2018

Luxembourg’s Competition Authority

26 February 2018

Luxembourg’s Competition Authority Luxembourg is one of the three non-EU countries in the European Economic Area, or single market The agency was established in 2004, and currently led by Pierre Rauchs Its 2016–2017 budget was €1.34 million With only 10 staff members, including president Pierre Rauchs, Luxembourg’s Competition Authority is a small one. It lacks merger control powers, although it can go after anticompetitive conduct. Since inception, it has issued 12 cartel decision – three of which led to a total of €2.1 million in fines. It says it has received 10 leniency applications, and has granted some of them. When it comes to abuse of dominance, it has issued 23 decisions, one of which imposed a €2.52 million fine; however, an administrative court later annulled the fine. The competition authority says two other enforcement decisions have been challenged in court, and those were upheld.