Emerging Enforcers 2018

Latvia’s Competition Council

26 February 2018

Latvia’s Competition Council Skaidrīte Ābrama has chaired the council since June 2012, and was featured in Women in Antitrust 2016 The agency was awarded three stars in the latest edition of Rating Enforcement It collected €295,000 in cartel fines in 2016 Latvia’s Competition Council has a solid reputation among local antitrust specialists, who say it does a good job despite a debilitating lack of resources. It has the lowest budget of all competition authorities surveyed by Rating Enforcement; in 2016, it was only €1.07 million. The agency has 34 non-administrative staff that work on competition enforcement, and struggles to retain them. In 2016, 13 employees left and eight joined, and the year before, seven left and nine joined. But the enforcer said that its budget for 2017 was due to climb to €1.28 million, and a lot of the new funding was earmarked to increase wages and retain talent.