Tatjana Jakovljevic

Tatjana Jakovljevic is a public relations senior adviser at the Croatian Competition Agency (CCA) with a long-year experience in EU competition (antitrust) and state aid law and policy. She has an MA in liberal arts and humanities and an advanced master’s in European studies.She is author of a number of CCA documents including: annual reports for the Croatian parliament; CCA strategies and work plans; communications with the European Commission and member states national competition authorities; press releases and speeches; and competition information brochures and glossaries. She is also co-author of the ‘Regulatory Impact Assessment Checklist’ introducing competition assessment in Croatia, ‘Anti-Cartel Compliance for Businesses’, ‘Croatian Compliance with Competition Rules Guidance for Undertakings’ and so on.She has been active in competition advocacy, drafting opinions on the compliance of the Croatian laws and other rules with competition and state aid rules, involved in the promotion of competition issues and the proactive dissemination of knowledge between public administration and other stakeholders, based on the comparative EU practice. As a former country correspondent for the European State Aid Law Quarterly she has written a series of articles and other contributions in the area of public service broadcasting, the audiovisual sector, public health, the financing of state-owned enterprises, research organisations and sports, restructuring in the shipbuilding sectorand so on.She is a court interpreter, a standing external associate of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and was a chief translator and coordinator for legal terminology in the area of competition policy during the Croatian accession negotiations between 2005 and 2013.

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