Tasneem Chipty

Tasneem Chipty is a managing principal at Analysis Group, Inc. She has a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BA, mathematics and economics from Wellesley College.Dr Chipty is an expert in industrial organisation, antitrust economics, and econometrics. Her work spans both the areas of antitrust litigation and mergers and acquisitions. For example, she was Comcast’s antitrust damages expert in Behrend et al v Comcast – a recent US Supreme Court case in which the justices dismissed the case against Comcast because of deficiencies in the plaintiffs’ damages model. She has studied the competitive effects numerous mergers and acquisitions, including the St Luke’s-Saltzer, Southwest Airlines/Airtran Airways, Arris/Motorola and Alcatel/Lucent. Dr Chipty has submitted testimony, testified at trial and at deposition, and given presentations before various organisations and agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. She is co-editor of forthcoming next edition of the American Bar Association’s book Proving Antitrust Damages. She has published academic research on the strategic use of vertical integration for market foreclosure, the role of firm size and network effects on bilateral business negotiations and the effects of regulations on firm behaviour. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr Chipty was a vice president at Charles River Associates. She has served on the faculties of the Ohio State University, Brandeis University and MIT, where she taught courses in antitrust and regulation, industrial organisation and econometrics.

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