Song Ying

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As the partner of AnJie Law Firm, Song Ying specialises in antitrust and anti-unfair competition law. She provides a wide range of services, including defence for the investigation, private antitrust litigation, filing concentration notifications and competition compliance. Song Ying has accumulated abundant experience in competition area by leading and handling a number of high-profile cases. Song Ying has provided legal service together with the team to SINOPEC, and also represented Panasonic in the antitrust private litigation brought by its distributor. Currently, Song Ying is also representing a few antitrust litigations related to other complicated issues, such as SEP.She is also a veteran attorney with regard to filing concentration notifications for clients as well as defending clients against antitrust investigations. For example, Song Ying filed the concentration notification for the ChemChina/Syngenta deal with MOFCOM, which is the biggest deal of SOEs in 2016, and successfully obtained the unconditional clearance for the clients. She also handled the LCD case, telecom case, milk powder case, auto parts case, PVC case and the port cases.In 2017 and 2018, Song Ying has been consecutively recognised by Chambers & Partners as ‘Recommended PRC Competition/ Antitrust Lawyer’. Relying on her academic advantage, Song Ying also published a number of articles related to hot issues, such as digital market and SEP.

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