Samuel Weglein

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Dr. Weglein consults on cases requiring economic analyses and damages estimates in antitrust, finance and securities, intellectual property, and general business litigation. Dr. Weglein has worked on mergers in the insurance industry, and has provided expert support in antitrust litigation in the health insurance market, including the Anthe-Cigna merger trial. In several large antitrust litigations involving alleged anticompetitive conduct by Microsoft, Dr. Weglein analyzed the economics of prepackaged software and managed projects to assess potential damages; he also worked on behalf of Intel in antitrust litigation brought by AMD and by the State of New York. Dr. Weglein has also worked on antitrust litigation in a number of financial markets, including financial pricing benchmarks, private equity, and credit default swaps. His experience spans numerous industries, including investment and commercial banking, securities brokerage and clearing, asset management, semiconductors, computer hardware and software, oil & gas, automotives, steel, real estate, medical devices, agribusiness, and biotechnology. Dr. Weglein is also the co-author of two white papers addressing competition issues in the automotive industry.

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