Pierre-Yves Cremieux

[email protected]

Pierre-Yves Cremieux, managing principal, has a broad range of expertise in antitrust and statistics, and regularly consults to clients in the United States and Canada, including law firms, corporations and government agencies. He has provided expert testimony and consulting support in some of the largest recent US antitrust cases, in which he addressed issues of class certification and assessed merits and the evaluation of damages. Dr Cremieux has also authored multiple expert reports on antitrust, and has testified in jury and bench trials and in arbitrations and administrative proceedings. He has led large teams of economists in support of experts and provided expert testimony himself in matters in a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals to high-tech and consumer products. These litigations ranged from allegations of monopolisation and collusion to statistical sampling and clinical trial analysis. He has worked at various stages of litigation including class certification, liability and damages.Dr Cremieux is a signatory to multiple amicus briefs and has authored more than 80 articles on various topics in antitrust, on the cost and value of pharmaceuticals, and on various topics in labour economics and statistics, the role of an expert in litigation and class certification. His work has been published in the American Bar Association Economics Committee Newsletter, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the American Journal of Managed Care, among others. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Quebec at Montreal and has lectured on global antitrust at the Yale School of Management.

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