Peggy Griffith

Peggy Griffith was appointed chief executive officer of the Fair Trading Commission in Barbados on 1 October 2005. She has held senior management positions over the past 35 years.The Commission is responsible for utility regulation, fair competition and consumer protection, and in the past 10 years Ms Griffith has guided the development of the organisation. With specific reference to competition issues, this development includes achieving a greater public profile and heightened awareness of the provisions of the Fair Competition Act, which has led to the investigation of an increased number of allegations of anti-competitive conduct.For several years, as director of export development, she was responsible for developing and promoting exports of Barbadian products. Ten years prior to joining the Fair Trading Commission, she was the director of international business in the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation, and responsible for promoting and facilitating international business.Ms Griffith holds a BA from the University of the West Indies, a diploma in public policy and management and an MPA from Harvard University.She is currently a member of the Steering Group of the International Competition Network.

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