Paula Ramada

Paula Ramada is a partner at London Economics in charge of competition.Paula leads the firm’s engagements with international law firms, providing assistance in assessing and quantifying cartel damages. These cases reflect the emerging trend for private actions following on from European Commission cartel decisions. The work that Paula leads at London Economics is at the forefront of this challenging and growing area of applied economics. London Economics’ engagements have included the following cartels: Marine Hoses; Elevators and Escalators; Gas Insulated Switchgears; Car Glass; German Sugar; and Air Cargo. Paula has also worked with the financial services area of LE to develop a methodology to assess damages in the Libor and Euribor rate-setting cases.Paula’s other antitrust work has considered issues of market definition, joint dominance and abuse of dominance in a wide range of sectors including water, electricity, telecoms and financial sector. Paula has also led a number of studies on the economic impact of hard-core cartels and on the relative effectiveness of different penalty regimes.Paula has, on three different occasions, worked on secondment at the UK Competition Commission, where she was the lead economist in two merger investigations; and in the first appeal to the Competition Commission under the rules of the gas market Uniform Network Code.Prior to joining London Economics, Paula was a visiting professor at London Business School and, before that, an assistant professor of economics at Northwestern University in the United States. Paula completed her PhD in economics at MIT, specialising in microeconomics and finance.

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