Norbert Maier

Dr Norbert Maier is a senior economic consultant with London Economics, specialising in competition policy and regulation.His recent assignments with the company include the assessment of economic damages in a number of global cartels (marine hose and car glass), the evaluation of the impact of horizontal agreements (flour industry), evaluation of dominant position and possible abuse (car insurance, natural gas, broadband internet, electronic government services), merger analysis (oil and publishing) and assessment of state aid (electricity).Dr Maier studied Industrial Economics at graduate level at Northwestern University in the US, completed his PhD at the London Business School and obtained a postgraduate diploma in competition law from King’s College, London. His work with Marco Ottaviani has recently been published in the chapter ‘Switching to Digital Television: Business and Public Policy Issues’ of the book Standards and Public Policy and in the article ‘Information Sharing in Common Agency: When is Transparency Good?’ of the Journal of the European Economic Association. He is fluent in English and Hungarian and speaks Romanian too.

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