Mladen Cerovac

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Mr Cerovac graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (master of law) and passed his bar exam.From 1978 to 1997 he was the head of the department for implementation of international agreements at the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute.Mr Mladen Cerovac has continuously held the leading positions of the CCA since its establishment in 1997 (deputy to the former head of the CCA, head of Competition Division, independent adviser to the president of the Competition Council). From 2005 to 2008 he was the member of the Competition Council and the vice president of the Competition Council from 2008 to November 2013, when he was appointed president of the Competition Council by the Croatian Parliament.He specialised in competition law during the trainings organised by the European Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice, the World Bank, the OECD and the EIPA. He participated in some hundred international seminars and conferences on competition law.Mr Cerovac specialised in the area of merger control.He is the author of the first Croatian Glossary of Competition Law and Policy, and co-author of the textbooks Introduction into the EU and Legal Environment for Doing Business. He has also published a number of articles and held papers on various competition issues.Mr Cerovac has been a member all working groups for the preparation of proposals for competition legislative framework in Croatia since 1997. In the negotiations for the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the EU he was a member of the working group in Chapter 8: Competition Policy.From 2008 to 2010 as an international legal expert he participated in the EU-funded projects on technical assistance to the Commission for the Protection of Competition of the Republic of Serbia and in the project of the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the technical assistance to the Anti-Monopoly Commission of the Republic of Macedonia.He is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb and the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, University Department for Forensic Sciences in Split. He held numerous papers at the seminars and conferences home and abroad.He does not support any political party.

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