Maryanne Nduati

Maryanne N Nduati holds an MSc in applied economics, majoring in behavioural economics (University of Nottingham), a BSc in economics and management science and various diplomas and certificates centring on competition and development policy, agency effectiveness and competition enforcement.Her main interest lies in studying, developing and implementing more effective economic policy through the application of behavioural economics. Since January 2014, Maryanne has been engaged at the Competition Authority of Kenya, first as a merger analyst and more recently as a policy and research officer. She is responsible for developing strategy, policy and participating in priority projects; conducting market inquiries and recommending policy options; conducting merger analysis and investigations; conducting and participating in investigations into the abuse of dominance or concerted practice by businesses at the national level and recommending enforcement options; preparing policy position papers forecasting the costs and benefits of various competition policy options; monitoring and evaluating the technical application of competition law and policy; and carrying out regulatory impact analysis in compliance with the ministries, regulatory bodies and other generators of statutory instruments.

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