Märt Ots

[email protected]

Märt Ots was appointed as director general of the Estonian Competition Authority at the beginning of 2008. Previously, he has worked for the Ministry of Industry and Energetics (1991–1992); the State Energy Board as deputy director general (1992–1994); Ministry of Economic Affairs as chief specialist and Head of Energy Department (1995–1998); AEA Technology PHARE project ‘Energy planning for local governments’ manager in Estonia (1998–2000), Ministry of Economic Affairs as deputy head of the Energy Department (2000) and the Energy Market Inspectorate as director general (2001–2007). In 2014, Märt Ots was elected as vice chairman of the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) for a two-year term.Märt Ots graduated from Tallinn University of Technology (thermal engineering) in 1991 and obtained master’s degree in technology in 2002. In 2012, Märt Ots started his PhD studies in energy economics.

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