Márcio Nakane

Márcio Issao Nakane works as a coordinator for technical issues at Tendências. He is involved with all the main areas in the company and his regular tasks are related to the development of formal models (mostly econometric, mostly for forecasting purposes), coordination of specific projects, meetings with clients, assistance to staff, writing reports on the Brazilian economy, and so on.Márcio is also a part-time lecturer at the Economics Department at the University of São Paulo. He has written and published academic papers in the areas of monetary economics, banking and industrial organisation.Prior to joining Tendências, Márcio worked at the research department at the Brazilian Central Bank (2000 to 2007). He was also the coordinator for the Consumer Price Index for São Paulo released by Fipe (2007 to 2008).He holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo and a DPhil degree in Economics from the University of Oxford.

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