Manuela Guia

Manuela Guia is a bachelor of law, a graduate of the University of Bucharest and a member of the Bucharest Bar. She is a partner, having collaborated with D&B David si Baias since 2003. Combining knowledge of Romanian and European law with vast legal expertise, Manuela coordinates a dynamic and creative team of specialists in competition law, public procurement, intellectual property, contract law, multi-jurisdictional tax restructuring and transactions, who represent some of the most important multinational and local corporations in the private sectors of IT and telecoms, electronics, retail, pharmaceuticals, energy and the public sector. Manuela is recommended by the main inter­national legal publications as a top expert in competition law, being recognised for her significant experience in all complex aspects of the field. Manuela has offered her clients assistance during investigations, inspections and merger notifications, conducted negotiations for commitments, represented clients in front of the Competition Council for all types of procedures, including during Plenum hearings, granted litigation assistance, as well as compliance advice. Manuela’s focus is on assessing antitrust implications arising both in the normal course of a client’s business and in relation to complicated transactions.

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