Mahmoud A Momtaz

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Mahmoud A Momtaz joined the ECA in 2008, where he had the opportunity to combine his two main interests, economics and law. During his 10 years at the ECA, he has had a wide range of experience in competition enforcement and advocacy. He has been privileged to lead a number of cases ranging from cartels, vertical restraints, abuse of dominance and mergers and acquisitions, tackling various significant sectors including telecommunications, entertainment, industrial and food. He has had the opportunity to be an intern and a study visitor at the UK Office of Fair Trading, the German Cartel Office, the Netherlands Competition Authority, the US Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, where he gained major technical insights and extensive knowledge of various jurisdictions within the competition enforcement arena. From there, Momtaz offered technical assistance to various Middle Eastern and African competition agencies, and is currently a lecturer of competition law and economics on the master programme for law and economics, a joint programme between Hamburg University and Cairo University.Momtaz graduated from the German University in Cairo (GUC) with a double major in economics and marketing. He then obtained his master’s degree, also from the GUC. Momtaz is currently studying law alongside working on his PhD in competition law at Hamburg University.

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