Luis Humberto Guzmán

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Luis Humberto Guzmán has studied political science and law in Nicaragua and the Federal Republic of Germany; he also served as a deputy in the National Assembly between 1984 and 1996. Between 1994 and 1995 he chaired the Economic Commission and he was the president of the Parliament. During his term as president in the National Assembly, the 1987 Constitution Act was substantially amended as well as other significant laws, such as the military code, which subordinated the armed forces to the civil power.In the academic world Dr Guzmán has been a professor of public policy, being the titular professor in the National Institute for Public Policies (IAP). Dr Guzmán is the founding president of the national institute for the promotion of competition, Procompetencia Nicaragua. He was re-elected to this role for a period of five years in 2014. During his term as president of Procempetencia he has participated in the IGE in Geneva, the Latin-American Competition Forum and has served as chairman of the Central America Competition Network.

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